Controlling the school bell

Controlling the school bell

The clock has an integrated receiver (relay), which can be used to control the school bell, as well as to memorize the school bell pattern. Programming is done by remote control, the bell ringing pattern can be set even an entire week ahead. This means that we can create a specific bell ringing patter for each day individually.

Programming steps:

  1. When the clock is in precise time mode (tInnE), press buttons I and II together and the “SETUP” appears, which means it can be programmed now.
  2. To confirm the use of the program, press the button III.
  3. Use the buttons I and II to select the “bELL_x” option. It may display “bELL_1” or “bELL_2” depending on which mode of ringing is selected (e.g. switch for shortened classes). “Set_t” is for setting the exact time.
  4. Press button III to confirm the selected option.
  5. In the following step, select the specific day to be programmed using the buttons I and II.

-“dAy1-7“ = days Monday to Sunday,
-“d Ay1-6“ = days Monday to Saturday,
-“d Ay1-5“ = days Monday to Friday,
-“d Ay__1“ = Monday,
-“d Ay__2“ = Tuesday,
-“d Ay__3“ = Wednesday,
-“d Ay__4“ = Thursday,
-“d Ay__5“ = Friday,
-“d Ay__6“ = Saturday,
-“d Ay__7“ = Sunday,
-“d AyrSt“ = reset – selecting this option deletes the school bell ringing pattern.

  1. Select the suitable option using button III, which will display “0:00 00” on the screen. The first four digits indicate the time of the ringing (hour:minute), while the last two indicate the length of the ringing, 0-60 seconds.
  2. Select the required option using button III (it rotates) 
  • If no digits are blinking, check the programmed times using the buttons I and II,
  • If the hours’ digits are blinking, set the hour of ringing using the buttons I and II
  • If the minutes’ space is blinking, set the time of ringing again using the buttons I and II. 

Perform it step by step in order to set the time of ringing. When the setup is completed, use button IV to exit the system.

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