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Here you can find everything you need regarding LED digital clocks and accessories. What makes our company stand out from the crowd is our experience of more than thirty years, our high quality equipment and the expertise we offer with it. Should you have any questions or simply need some advice in selecting the digital clock that best meets your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will readily help you choose the right device for you. We own our success to our ceaseless motivation to provide the best service, top-quality products and positive attitude towards our customers. We have a long list of satisfied clients, among them well-respected companies such as BOSCH Hungary and the Trinidad and Tobago state public transport company. Should you have doubts about the quality and level of our work, feel free to contact the firms listed above. They will assure you working with us is a great investment in terms of excellent quality for your money.

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Brand new design Brand new design
The classic, polished styled design with a modern twist is back! The elegant white frame softly, yet firmly incorporates the spectacular white SMD led powered built-in displays. Our devices are enhanced with light filters and transparent plexiglass protective shield (to cope with harsher weather conditions and prevent scratches on the display).
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Brand new linked up devices Brand new linked up devices
We are introducing a brand new clock type with networking capability integrated! Our latest model can be connected to any conventional computer network (UTP). Are you planning to install two, three or even more? No worries, our state of the art technology makes sure all our clocks connected to a network take up only one IP address.
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Our firm has successfully handled the following large-scale orders. Our firm has successfully handled the following large-scale orders.
Our firm has successfully handled the following large-scale orders. Our team manufactured and mounted high quality clocks, accomplishing seamless communication over distances of 100 meters, but even 200 meters, across walls. The information speaks for itself, see the power of 2.4 GHz communication!
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