Using the stopwatch

Using the stopwatch

The device can be used in 4 modes, to get to these, press button IV:

 1. Clock (tInnE) – telling the exact time

 2. Stopper 1 (StP 1) – count up stopper (the clock counts up)

 3. Stopper 2 (StP 2) – count up stopper by a hundredth of a second (measures time by hundredths of a second and counts up)

 4. Stopper 3 (StP 3) – count down stopper (the clock counts down)

 5. Stopper 4 (StP 4) – it works as a countdown stopper, it counts down in real time, after 2 seconds it sets to “START” mode and initiates the “Stopper 2” mode. 

-Function buttons on the stopwatch in modes StP 1 and Stp 2:

  • Button I: START / STOP
  • Button II: interval On/OFF (Part Time).
  • Button III: RESET – resets digits to zero 

- StP 3 Method of operation of the countdown stopwatch:

First, set the start time of the countdown stopwatch. Select one of the preset times from the menu (00:00:30, 00:04:00 or 01:30:00) or set it to any time from 99:59:59.

  • Button I and button II have the same function as in the StP 1 and StP 2 programs: START / STOP and interval ON/OFF.
  • Set the start time by pressing button III: 
  1. The basic countdown time is offered upon access: 00:00:30. To select another:
  2. Press button III again, then the start time is 01:30:00 or
  3. Press button III again, then the start time is 00:04:00 or
  4. Start the cycle with a set start: in this case, the digits can be set using the buttons I and II, the cursor will change by pressing button III. After setting the seconds, pressing the button will stop the blinking digits and the new time is displayed. The buttons I and II work according to their original functions (START/STOP and interval ON/OFF) 

A short beep indicates the start of the stopwatch, a longer beep indicates its stop.

-Resetting the stopwatch StP 4:

In function StP 4 the stopwatch displays either the remaining or the already passed time of the set time.

First, set the time for the countdown stopwatch from which it should start the countdown. Function StP4 displays the given time.

After selecting StP4, the time appears in the following format: SS:MM:00, with the spot ‘SS’ blinking, which can be set with the buttons I and II. Place the cursor first to the minutes, set them, then set the seconds. By taking the cursor to the seconds, it will automatically switch from the remaining time to the current time.

  • Button I has no longer any function, button II gets the original functions as with StP 1 and StP 2: interval ON/OFF.
  • Button III brings back the setup: 

The beeping sound marks the end of the countdown, after 2 seconds the “Start” function appears again, following this, StP 2 is activated (counting up the seconds and hundredths of a second), then after one hour the StP1 function is activated (countdown without hundredths of a second).

The StP 4 function restarts the cycle – button IV.


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