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The large-sized “HQ” electronic digital clock is suitable for displaying the exact time, date and temperature is public spaces.

The HQS-Y... digital clocks work with high intensity (4000 µCd) diodes, the distribution of digits is by 5 mm into 7 segments, mounted on a white, smooth-edged metal frame. The front side of the display is dark red, virtually black, which leaves only the lit segments visible.

The viewing angle is 170°.

The HQS-Y... digital clock display can be one sided or double sided, both types are large-sized, so the digits are clearly visible from a distance of up to 125 m.

Thanks to the integrated sensors, the clock is able to adjust brightness based on outdoor light conditions.

The clock can be mounted on a wall or any steel frame, it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, although it must be protected from environmental effects (strong sun, rain, snow).


  • The clocks operate with high intensity red LED diodes (4000 µcd)
  • The frame in available in white color
  • The general clock dimensions are: length from 37 cm to 135 cm
  • Two types: one sided display or double sided display
  • Visibility from 40 m to 125 m
  • Depending on the outdoor light conditions, the clock will adjust its brightness
  • Synchronization of the exact time based on GPS coordinates, through 2.4 GH or 433Mhz radio frequency, RS485 wired connection or via NTP servers on the Internet (optional)
  • Every clock can function either as a master clock, receiver or transceiver
  • The distance between two clocks within one network cannot be farther than 1000 m (in ideal circumstances) in the case of wired or radio connection
  • The clock can also function as a stopwatch (optional)
  • The clock can tell the exact time and display the temperature and date, as well (optional)
  • The clock can also be used to control the school bell and other electronic devices (optional)
  • The external attached buttons and remote control enable the control of external devices and the stopwatch, as well
  • The clock can be operated wirelessly from a computer (GPS) according to customer needs
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Tell the exact time in schools, institutions, production plants, etc.
  • Controlling school bells or factory bells and other devices
  • Besides telling the time, it can also display the temperature and date
  • Data collection: it can collect temperature information, relative air humidity and other data 
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